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If you're searching for a calm, relaxing, happy, prosperous, abundant, joyful life of ease and incredible love then TAPNGRL

can take you there.

I have been tapping with her for 2 yrs and with her guidance have released so many blocks that were keeping me from the most amazing version of my life! - Melissa M.



Do you struggle with anxiety?

Depression? Sleep problems? Weight issues? Tired of being tired? Feeling Stuck?


When you’re stressed there’s a part of your brain that fires up to protect you from danger and releases chemicals into your body? That’s why emotions feel so real.


Good news! There is a way to change this and so much more. Even better, it’s a safe, powerful technique for handling all those negative emotions, such as fear, sadness, anger and more.


Find out how you can regain control of your thoughts and emotions, safely, with a scientifically proven way that doesn’t involve drugs, intense therapy or needles.


Colette is "TAPNGRL" – and she’s ready to show you how to clear and release negative emotions through the Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT), also known as meridian Tapping or simply TAPPING.

You hit the target for me today. I figured out what to tap about and fixed a several month problem for me!! So great. -Sherry



Welcome to the World of Colette aka TAPNGRL!

A world where happiness and fun are a PRACTICED way of life.

A world of re-empowerment where you can release all the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from all your dreams and the life you desire. A world where you learn to love YOU and be the change YOU want to see in others. A place where you can wake up every morning excited, inspired, and hopeful.

Yes, this is the World of TAPNGRL!

Colette discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),  Tapping in 2007 and knew she found her calling. Colette is a TAPPING and Law of Attraction, teacher, practitioner, facilitator, mentor, coach. 

Colette or TAPNGRL as you'll know her, immersed herself in the EFT model first developed by Gary Craig in the mid 1990's. TAPNGRL gained understanding and transformation from her own negative experiences and limiting beliefs, many formed through childhood physical and emotional abuse.

So excited about her own fantastic personal results, TAPNGRL shares her passion for healing, remembering you to your wholeness, and FUN!


A Hoosier native, born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Colette has lived in this wonderful state her whole life. Armed with a BA in Political Science with a minor in Sociology from Indiana University, TAPNGRL continues to hone her skills thru education of tapping technique and through her work with clients.



Tapping is described as acupuncture without the needles, combining ancient Chinese medicine, knowledge of our body’s meridian system, with modern psychological concepts.  We TAP energy meridian points on the face and body while addressing negative emotions.  TAPNGRL describes tapping as "leading edge technology for releasing stress and anxiety from the body and mind." Tapping releases limiting beliefs that hold us back from our BEST LIFE.

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM feels so good.

I am SO amazed, it works for so much!!! Even  if I don't know what I am tapping on, Megan 


It's not a bold statement: TAPPING can be used to help with stress relief, weight loss, addictions, phobias, test anxiety, sports performance, physical health concerns, stopping smoking, PTSD, life trauma, abuse issues, money manifestation.  And TAPNGRL is here to help you tackle ANY issue.
Working with you, Colette will guide you through the process of identifying the underlying negative emotions associated with the subject,  whether it is a physical symptom of illness or lack of money.  We are always clearing the negative emotional connection in the body and mind.


There is NO LIMITATION as to what TAPPING can be used for.

In the words of Gary Craig, founder of EFT, “Try it on everything.”

Have you tried tapping but didn't get the result you wanted? Learn how you can get the true benefit of emotional freedom by working with Colette. Enter your name and email below to send her a note. (You can also subscribe at the very bottom of this page.)

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