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I'm excited about this partnership with Ms. Zipporah Israel who understands that our children are, indeed, our future. She cares very much that every child should have the chance to share their creative genes. As the Founder of "A Creative Genius," Zipporah Israel's core beliefs are based on these principles.

Her vision and mission is to engage children all over the world into learning more about "The Laws of Life," as well as expressing their Creative Ideas, Talents, and Gifts to manifesting them into a reality. 

Zipporah, and I, Tapngrl are in agreement that understanding these "Laws of Life," for me, Law of Attraction, allows us to create mindfully and deliberately a happy, successful, life experience. I love that she is teaching children how to think deliberately and create  what they do want, ALLOWING THEM TO ALIGN WITH THEIR BEST SELVES!

If you would like to know more about Ms. Zipporah Israell and her programs at A Creative Genius, please visit or click the button below. 

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