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What are you EXPECTing?

Did you know … you get what you EXPECT?

It's true. So, I ask…

If you get what you EXPECT, why not EXPECT WHAT YOU DO WANT?

What a concept, huh? Most all of us have heard of The Law of Attraction (LOA). Simply stated like attracts like. Many of us will even say we understand that we create our own reality. We may have a hard time understanding this Universal Law when we get something we do not want. I wasn’t thinking about THAT! How did that happen? Well, there is nothing you get that “just happened”. You created it all.

Whaaaaaaat? If I don’t know HOW I did that, how do I not do that again? and other questions would seem very logical. It’s not, I think car wreck and get car wreck; its crappy thoughts vibrate at crappy. I know I can get pretty technical (lol). Recently my client was trying to get me to understand they were NOT thinking THAT (specifically)! I explained these are thoughts and beliefs you have had so long they feel true for you. They are loops, practiced habits of thought bringing you more and more of what you do not want. So well practiced we are not even aware of what we are thinking.

What does any of this have to do with EFT/TAPPING? I am about to give you a really easy way to shift your expectations to EXPECTING WHAT YOU DO WANT. You might want a notebook and pen for this. Think about what you have or believe, that you do NOT want. Write at the top of the page I EXPECT, then start writing, finish the sentence. Focusing on your body, health, work, family, money, relationships and writing what you EXPECT.

You could probably, easily fill a page. I did! That was a real eye opener for me. While they are not real pretty I will share a couple with you. YIKES!

I expect to be criticized, not be appreciated.

I expect people to misjudge, misunderstand me.

I expect relationships to be hard work.

I expect to have to work hard for what I want, to struggle.

I expect aches and pains as I get older and older.

I told you they weren’t pretty, but I also wanted you to know that as long as I have been practicing better feeling thoughts, I am human too. (Gratefully, I have these thoughts way less often and turn them around way faster!) Can you see where this list pretty much lets you know why you are getting what you get?! If I EXPECT to be criticized … guess what “happens”? Yes, I get or feeeeel criticized! as just one example. I get a match to ME! It might even be my constant criticism of myself.

Going back to your list you can start the TAPPING and clearing right away. Pick the one that has the biggest emotional charge. Sticking with the criticism example I can ask myself …

Where did I learn to criticize me? WHY do I EXPECT that? What was said? Who said it? Where can I feel that in my body? Can I remember the first time, the most embarrassing time I was criticized? How did that make me feel? Who am I taking over for in criticizing myself? Now, we can start TAPPING out some junk! First, restate and rate on 1-10 scale … I EXPECT to be criticized. Got your number? OK!

TAPPING the Karate Chop Point (KC)

Even though, I EXPECT to be criticized, I love and accept myself anyway. (repeat 3x’s)

TAPPING point to point:

(EB) I EXPECT to be criticized.

(SE) I EXPECT criticism.

(UE) I EXPECT criticism.

(UN) I do EXPECT criticism.

(CH) I feel so criticized.

(CB) This EXPECTATION of criticism.

(UA) I am EXPECTING criticism.

(ToH) Somone, somewhere will find something to criticize.


Next add a round about HOW THAT FEELS (angry, sad, powerless, etc.) Just talk about it. Speak and TAP slowly. Take your time with it. Talk a few rounds of your story, the who, when, where above, the more specific, the better. If there was a particular instance – tell that story – while TAPPING! Take a few deep breaths and re-rate so you can check your progress. Keep TAPPING until you feel the intensity diminish. Next, let’s add another round that is inputting more positive statements.

Final/Clean up ROUND

(EB) I choose to be less critical of myself and others

(SE) I choose to think kindly of myself.

(UE) I want to praise myself and others.

(UN) Finding something to praise feels better.

(CH) I am feeling more empowered taking care of me emotionally.

(CB) I think better when I am more relaxed.

(UA) Letting go of past criticism feels better.

(ToH) I love and appreciate my self care.

You can do that round a few times too. You may use the script above over and over. This 7-8 minutes, a couple times a day, will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in your ability to feel in control of how YOU feel. And have better EXPECTations!

Until next time … keep TAPPING INTO YOU!

TAPNGRL, Colette Liose, SB, DCC, TPG

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