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CLARITY What is it and why don’t I have more of it?

I remember a few years ago when I got the HUGE AHA!! about CLARITY. It was so clear to me (LOL) and it goes like this…

We fear that if we are clear about what we do want then we might have to do something we do NOT want to do!?

The fearful conclusion above is a LIMITING BELIEF.


Doing something I don't want to do to have what I want is not going to inspire me to change. CLEAR SCHMEAR right?! The AWARENESS that is so necessary for our personal growth, to me, means becoming aware of the conclusions and limitations we think as a part of our practiced Belief Systems (BS).

Let me give you a couple examples;

1) If I am CLEAR about wanting to lose weight (here comes the NOT wanted) I will probably have to be deprived, never have dessert again.

2) If I am CLEAR about wanting a better relationship I will have to dump, get out of this one.

3) If I am CLEAR about wanting to feel appreciated I will have to find another job.

What if? … losing the weight, having a better relationship or feeling appreciated can happen without feeling punished, fearful and/or struggling? What if CLARITY really means FEELING GOOD? What if the better I feel the clearer I am? What if the clearer I am the easier to feel solution, the done-ness of it? I can tell you from my personal experience this is so true.

Here's a BRILLIANT use of the EFT/TAPPING.

Get your notebook. Yep, time to write another list. Get CLEAR ... make a list of your do wants and leave room between the list of wants. Next, you write the conclusions, beliefs about what you have to do and HOW that makes you feel. Here’s an example:

I want to lose weight (# of lbs if you want)

I won’t be able eat cake, dessert - ANGRY

Work to maintain the loss - BURDENED

Can’t be social - TRAPPED

The Holidays will be so hard - DEFEATED

Write all the limiting beliefs you can think of. Go back to your list. You can start the TAPPING and clearing right away. Pick the one that has the biggest emotional charge. Rate how true this feels 1-10 (10 being very true) Got your number? Great! Here we go!

TAPPING (the side of the hand) Karate Chop Point (KC)

Even though I feel angry that I can’t have dessert to lose weight, I love and accept myself anyway. (repeat 3x’s)

TAPPING point to point:

(EB) I’m angry I can’t have dessert and lose weight.

(SE) It’s not fair I can’t have dessert and lose weight.

(UE) If I want to lose weight I can’t have dessert and I’m angry about that.

(UN) I can never have dessert again?!

(CH) I feel deprived before I even start.

(CB) NO dessert is NO fun!

(UA) It doesn’t seem fair and it makes me angry.

(ToH). That I can’t have dessert annnnd lose the weight.

Do a few rounds. Use the same words above or your own. Just talk about it for a couple minutes while continuing to TAP. Take a few deep breaths and re-rate so you can check your progress. Keep TAPPING until you feel the intensity diminish. Next, lets do another round and start shifting.

Final/Clean up ROUND

(EB) Is that true?

(SE) Do I really believe I can never have dessert?

(UE) What if I could change my thinking?

(UN) What if I could have 3 bites?

(CH) I could learn to savor those 3 bites and feel in control of me.

(CB) I could learn to really appreciate the taste.

(UA) It might not be so bad.

(ToH) To have my cake and eat it too. :-)

Go through the rest of your list in the same way. This few minutes, a couple times a day, will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in your ability to feel in control of how YOU feel and look.

Until next time … keep TAPPING INTO YOU!

Colette Liose, TG, SB, DCC

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