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Ohhh the HO HO Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the song goes, or maybe it isn’t!

The Holidays, for many of us can be quite a mixed bag (no pun intended). Even though so many of us love Holiday Time, it can come with its own set of challenges. There’s so many issues that can impact our enjoyment; family, money, work, health issues, maybe a loss, grief even TIME!, as in tooooo bizzy!

I remind people that even good stress, is stress. Maybe you are just OVERWHELMED! I remember one season, I was so proud of myself, because I decided that I was going to get everything done 2 weeks before Christmas so I could actually enjoy it. I had 3 step-children at the time. BIZZY! BIZZY! BIZZY! I was so proud of myself! I DID IT! Decorated, shopped, wrapped, grocery, house clean … allll ready to go.

One itty bitty problem … “Others” decided I had time to help them and laid a guilt trip on me. If I had only had TAPPING! (and my understanding of Law of Attraction), I may have been less inclined to cave in and feel, stuff my guilt and RESENTMENT! I could have tapped and released their expectations, released my guilt and avoided the resentment. Then CHOOSE what felt best for me, but that's not how it went down.

Instead, my old crappy BS (Belief Systems) kicked in. They’ll be mad at me. I will feel bad because I disappointed them. I shouldn’t be so selfish. They NEEEEED me. FINE! I will help you!! UGH! I could have used each of the previous sentences as my set up phrase for clearing the reasons why I SHOULD! help them.

Whatever your challenges are this season, supporting yourself with the TAPPING is a brilliant solution for releasing anything that does not feel good, is overwhelming or even sad. Helping you to make decisions for you that feel good instead of acquiescing and feeling run over AGAIN! So you can enjoy the Season, whatever that means for you.

Go get your notebook. Yep, time to write another list.

What are your biggest stressors?

Money concerns

Family stuff

Suffered a loss, pet, family, job

Maybe you feel pressure to be happier than you really feel


Post Holiday Blues, Let down


This is no time to be judging you WRONG!

Just be truthful with your list.

This is really good information, AWARENESS.

Pick the one that has the biggest emotional charge.

Rate how true this feels 1-10 (10 being very true) Got your number? Let’s use OVERWHELM in general. Remember, as you go along you can get more specific. If you have a Holiday memory, just tell that story while TAPPING to release some of the stress and tension. Then finish with some POSI-tapping™.

(PLEASE REMEMBER if you have a BIGGER emotional issue, get help from a practitioner, whether me or another, but get help!

This IS what I do, so let me know if you need to book a session.)

OK,Here we go!

TAPPING on the Side of the Hand (SoH)

Even though I feel this Holiday overwhelm , I love and accept myself. (repeat 3x’s)

TAPPING point to point:

(EB) I feel so overwhelmed.

(SE) All this Holiday overwhelm.

(UE) I feel so overwhelmed

(UN) I feel so overwhelmed.

(CH) All this Holiday overwhelm in my body and mind.

(CB) I just have so much to get done.

(UA) All this Holiday overwhelm.

(ToH). Just acknowledging it feels more in control.

Repeat the above round a couple more times. Talk alllllll about what alllllll you have to do. Really have at it. Pretend you are calling your friend and telling them all about it! Just talk about it for a couple minutes. You will start to feel some relief. Take a few deep breaths and re-rate so you can check your progress. Keep TAPPING until you feel the intensity diminish. Next, let’s do another round and start shifting.


(EB) What if I allow myself to let go of some of this overwhelm?

(SE) I give myself permission to let this go.

(UE) I tell my body to relax and I feel a bit better.

(UN) It’s really good I’m connected to how I am feeling.

(CH) I like feeling more in control of how I am feeling.

(CB) Releasing alllllll this overwhelm.

(UA) I am releasing this overwhelm from my body and mind.

(ToH) I choose to feel calmer.


Do one or two more rounds just saying the words CALM, RELAXED, FUN, PEACE FILLED or whatever words sound good to you. :-)

I wish you a very TAPPY Happy Holiday and a great NEW 2017!

Until next time … keep TAPPING INTO YOU!

Colette Liose, SB, DCC, TG

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