Colette is amazing at teaching EFT and the Law of Attraction. I have seen such a transformation in my life and am now so much more aware of my thoughts and how to manifest what I do want. I recommend everyone meet with her so she can share her gifts with you.



As a holistic nutritionist and feminine empowerment coach, I have been around so many SO CALLED healers. Colette is the real deal. She is raw, honest and she truly is a healer. Not to mention she will light your world on fire... She holds nothing back and accepts NO excuses. If you do nothing else for yourself. Reach out to her. She will change your life.



If there is anyone that is on the fence about whether Colette can help them or not....let ME tell you how she has helped me! (heart emoticon) First time I hired her, I wasnt sure what to expect....then we started talking & tapping together...was pretty incredible as we tapped & talked for a bit....I could feel myself shift. The negative energy around that particular issue lifted! And as I felt it....Colette got the chills as confirmation of it! With her help. I shifted I think 4 times in just that one phone call! ♥ After that...she's helped me a few times since & even TODAY! ♥ She has also helped my partner & one of our kids!  She's my go to girl! GOD blessed us all, by putting her into my/our world...BIG TIME! :D Thank you again Colette for your amazing help & that fun BEautiful personality of yours! May GOD bless you!! ♥ Hugs! :D ♥



I have Known Colette for years! She is amazing with her gifts. She has helped me so much. I highly recommend a session with her! You will be hooked!



I love her straightforward approach she gets right in to the issue and helps you to release it she is amazing



Colette has taken tapping to a FAR greater level! Through her personal study & expansion, she is able to use her intuitive gifts to guide you to far greater shifts that you thought imaginable. I highly recommend her!



So nice to meet you! Our group face time session with you was excellent.



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