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Tapngrl Praises

As the owner of Lawson Business Services, LLC I made a conscious decision years ago that I would always do what I could to raise the vibration of my business and the individuals that support and maintain it. My "employees" who I choose to call my Team are the biggest asset to my business and to me because without them this business could not be as successful as it is and I cherish them. We are in the business of bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation for businesses and individuals all year long and our industry is very date driven. The stress can get extremely high. I ran into Colette a couple of months ago on Facebook and knew I had to meet her as I felt she could help me as I maneuver through the last part of tax season for 2020. After doing several one on one's I felt she could help my staff with stress, especially in preparation for the next tax season. After one session my Team could not believe how much better they felt and so now I will have her meeting with us consistently until we all feel that we can do it on our own through the next tax season and even then I will have her come in and teach us more. I cannot thank her enough for zooming in with us and really explaining what is happening on all levels when this is done. I challenge every employer to invest this time and money into your people and then they have the tools to put up with some of our "craziness" as the owner as well as the stress that the job creates and be more productive and happy in their work--I love a happy team!! Thanks Colette


This is break through technology in healing the mind and body . its amazing to me to have this realization of how the emotional ties and instilled beliefs we hold on to from early childhood to now  can really have an affect on our NOW especially when we don't have clarity. I could never figure out how some manifest abundance and wealth and why no matter how positive my thoughts were I still could not manifest wealth, until I joined in on a teaching of Colette's and learned old childhood teachings from my parents set a thought pattern in my mind that had me feeling unworthy and guilty because I desired wealth.  Well, I was able to learn from Colette's teaching this thought form was transformed and my whole idea on wealth was completely changed in my heart.  Not two days later was I out shopping for the TV I desired big 60 inch TV that my life partner said, "Why are you looking at that?" and I stated get out of my dream it's my dream and I'm giving Source all the details as to exactly what I want, 2 days later I was gifted for free the exact TV I was looking at for free!!!!  Now, that said, Colette taught me about how I thought about money but also to stop looking at the hows !!! And boy did source teach me that I was heard loud and clear and why? Because I was taught the clarity and was able to dig deep and learn what beliefs were holding me back!! This is an amazing healing process and it works as long as you do the work too and that's by getting involved. So, please if you ever do anything for yourself learn tapping into you with Colette! its amazing and will change your life!!


Colette is Amazing ! Her teaching Of Tapping and Self Love is Awesome and has helped me so much since my husband died in 2018. This Lady has an Enormous Love in her heart for people. She promotes Love Compassion And Healing of The MIND BODY & SOUL!


Oh..My!!! I'm HAPPY to have her show up every Tuesday Morning to tap with me And anyone who will watch. Look..people...IT works!  Colette made time for me when I was having pain in my mouth. It's gone! Give her an opportunity to help you too.


A really great session with lots of laughs along the way. Colette really tailors these individual sessions to your needs or circumstances. Really, really recommend a 1:1 session. Thank you.


She is amazingly fantastically magical ... I had Migraine , it was 9 out of 10.. gone after 1 session.

Also, earache and swollen glands which was fixed in 1 session.

Appreciate all your unconditional support and love Colette.


She is so welcoming and I can feel she has a big heart and very clear on her instructions. I just straight out like her and I just found her today and was able to connect during the tapping meditation.


Yes!!!! Tapping and Colette are fantastic!  Recently, I had a toothache, tapped and woke up with NO pain since! Also, Colette has helped me with restless sleep. She gave me a prompt and then I tapped and had the best nights sleep! I feel so energetic. I'm going to tap before bed every night. 


She is warm, funny, and caring. She is coming on daily these days helping us to relax and find calm through her excellent teaching of EFT.  Please check her out. She will help you feel better with her tapping filled with humor and love. Believe me, she will help you change your life for the better! She makes knowing the way life really works, clear and easy to understand. Always open to answering questions. She has truly saved my sanity during these different times. I love and respect, and trust her totally.


Colette facilitated a safe environment while guiding me through a tapping session. She helped me navigate through a traumatic event in my life. I had amazing results. Colette is a professional, experienced, skilled and empathetic practitioner.


As a holistic nutritionist and feminine empowerment coach, I have been around so many SO CALLED healers. Colette is the real deal. She is raw, honest and she truly is a healer. Not to mention she will light your world on fire... She holds nothing back and accepts NO excuses. If you do nothing else for yourself, reach out to her. She will change your life.



If there is anyone that is on the fence about whether Colette can help them or not....let ME tell you how she has helped me! (heart emoticon) First time I hired her, I wasn't sure what to expect....then we started talking & tapping together...was pretty incredible as we tapped & talked for a bit....I could feel myself shift. The negative energy around that particular issue lifted! And as I felt it....Colette got the chills as confirmation of it! With her help I shifted, I think, 4 times in just that one phone call! After that...she's helped me a few times since & even TODAY!  She has also helped my partner & one of our kids!  She's my go to girl! GOD blessed us all, by putting her into my/our world...BIG TIME! :D Thank you again Colette for your amazing help & that fun BEautiful personality of yours! May GOD bless you!! Hugs! :D 



I have known Colette for years! She is amazing with her gifts. She has helped me so much.

I highly recommend a session with her! You will be hooked!



I love her straightforward approach. She gets right in to the issue and helps you to release it.

She is amazing!



Colette has taken tapping to a FAR greater level! Through her personal study & expansion, she is able to use her intuitive gifts to guide you to far greater shifts that you thought imaginable.

I highly recommend her!



So nice to meet you! Our group face time session with you was excellent.


Colette is amazing at teaching EFT and the Law of Attraction. I have seen such a transformation in my life and am now so much more aware of my thoughts and how to manifest what I do want.

I recommend everyone meet with her so she can share her gifts with you.


She absolutely lifts you x10 just listening and tapping away the negativity! I absolutely love her contagious brightness! Absolutely beautiful inside and out! I am so happy I have been given the opportunity to watch and participate with her in live videos!! This girl right here she is just amazing!


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