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It is my great pleasure to introduce you to a few new words created by and for me,

Colette aka TAPNGRL.


*All of the terms below have been trademarked



The name “TAPNGRL” was created after I learned EFT, TAPPING in 2007.  My sister christened me “TG” then called me TAPNGRL.  I started using TAPNGRL on my license plate, for my car, in 2010. My sister paid for my personalized plate that year as my birthday gift. I have considered my personalized license plate my logo ever since.


Responsi-blamity™ and Responsiblamity™

My word, responsi-blamity, responsiblamity  was birthed on February 15, 2012.  It is a combination of responsibility and blame.  I became aware while helping others clear core issues that we stay stuck in a never-ending loop of fault and blame by taking responsibility for how others feel. We were taught SOMEONE has to be responsible!  So, taking response-blamity sometimes is the best we can do to feel more in control.  Have to judge and blame myself in a bizarre attempt to take responsibility to feel better! Responsibility and Blame/Fault are being used interchangeably with the same meaning.  Psychologically, it does not work.  I cannot take responsibility, blame enough to help anyone feel better. 


Oh My IS-ness (OMI!)™

In 2012, I was typing the well known OMG! It came to me as OMI! = Oh My IS-ness.  My understanding that God IS The ALL That IS!  My understanding is that God BE the ocean and I am a drop of that ocean, containing the same properties as God.  Thus … Oh my God became Oh My IS-ness! (pronounced oh my! O M I)



My word, scabbage, was birthed on March 8, 2012.  It came as a result of combining the words scab, scar and baggage.  This word came to me as a result of realizing that prior to having the TAPPING to clear the past;  We keep our negative baggage by the re-telling of our stories.  Like picking at a sore every time it starts to heal it has to scab over again and again.  We tell the story again! Re-opening wounds that never seem to heal.



Inner-resting, became the way I saw the word interesting in my head; The pause that allows awareness and understanding.  The EASE, inner-resting, if you will, that allows for clarity and understanding. It is with my ease (resting, relaxing) I can choose to be more aware and observant.  Seeing what I am getting as information. Nothing to judge.


AFFIRMATION CREATION – my flagship product™

This is a product that came to my mind on September 8, 2012. It was a new moon that day at 10:11pm, est.  So no surprise to me!  Affirmation creation is a recordable device, on a button (like staples ez button) or key chain. But instead of the same affirmation over and over.. it is re-programmable, in other words .. because of its programmability the affirmations can be re-recorded.  Repeating the affirmation throughout the day for reinforcement of the new positive thought.  Making the thought change fun and engaging.


Split Energy,  an unfocused thought, when your focus is split between what you do want and don't want whether it's intentional or unintentional.

The awareness that in all of our differences we are unique and not disabled.


EFT / Tapping in positive affirmations.

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