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Practicing Happy!

Did you know that HAPPY is a practiced habit of thought? Did you realize that everything you are and have you practiced your way to IN THOUGHT? and that everything you want ... YEP! You PRACTICE your way to that too!

We are hearing so much these days about being happy. Just BE happy! Sometimes that seems easier said than done.

It was 2007 and I was in a bad way! Terrified of life. Feeling so outta control about my life experience and I was getting MORE to be fearful about (The LAW of Attraction {LOA} makes this so!). I PRACTICED my way right into a fearful loop of thought. Thankfully, I was led to EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique aka TAPPING. This crazy looking process where I TAP meridian endpoints on my face and body while addressing negative emotions and negative emotional experiences, eliminating the emotional charge. I began to feel less and less fear, less anger, less sadness. WOW this seemed crazy, but crazier yet, it seemed to work. Next, I noticed I was actually able to PRACTICE choosing better FEEEEELING thoughts and experience more fun rather than waiting for happy to come swoop me up into its (hopefully) momentous wave. The more I PRACTICED being aware of what I was thinking the more in control and happier I was feeling.

Since 2007 I have been TAPPING and clearing negative "scabbage" (see terms) in my mind and body while learning and understanding THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. These two tools together, for me, have made a dramtic change in me and my life experience. Today, everyday, I PRACTICE my TAPPING and I PRACTICE mindfully choosing better feeling thoughts. Happier thoughts create my HAPPIER vibration and that, my friend, gets me more happy to be happy about. I now KNOW that however I want to feel is my choice and that it takes mindful PRACTICE. I also know and understand that mindfullly choosing my thoughts is definitely THE PRACTICE I want to PRACTICE.


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