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Springing into March

OK so I didn’t quite SPRING into March.

It is March and Spring is here!

I know I got sloppy about writing you here but I am such a face to face guy I love real time TAPPING and creating video. If you are on facebook go to my “TAPNGRL – Tapping into You” page and find more videos to tap-a-long with me on various issues. I usually do some teaching, then some tapping. You can also find my shows on utube by searching tapngrl.

I love to share what I learn from my own TAPPING.

I realized a while ago that the changes I wanted to make would take TAPPING OUT the negative emotions and beliefs and TAPPING IN the good stuff! I say it’s a process. Doesn’t it make sense that if I have been thinking, PRACTICING stinkin’ thinkin’ for some time .. I will probably have to PRACTICE speaking and thinking better feeling thoughts?! I say TAPPING IN positive affirmations is like positive affirmations on steroids.

Today I want to talk about I AM.


Better be sure that the words following I AM are what you want because you will get it! People always ask me where I get all my energy. I don’t say I’M TIRED! I know way too much to say that! This QUANTUM PHYSICS UNIVERSE is my faithful servant. Do I want I AM TIRED? No! I say …

I am infinite energy.

I have infinite energy.

I am the energizer bunny.

I enjoy listening to positive affirmation audios on utube.

Visualization.TV is really good! This is a good one.

(paste this link in menu bar)


No set-up needed just listen or read and enjoy while

TAPPING IN these I AM statements.

you say them out loud or in your head, SAY THEM and TAP!

TAPPING point to point:

(EB) I AM amazing.

(SE) I AM powerful.

(UE) I AM beautiful

(UN) I AM intelligent.

(CH) I AM talented.

(CB) I AM ambitious.

(UA) I AM prosperous.

(ToH) I AM enthusiastic

(EB) I AM determined

(SE) I AM hopeful

(UE) I AM attractive

(UN) I AM abundant.

(CH) I AM eager.

(CB) I AM happy.

(UA) I AM focused.

(ToH) I AM perfect.

…Understanding, passionate, spontaneous, harmonious, balanced, courageous, unique, artistic, intuitive, humble, whole, original, committed, trustworthy, wise, accomplished, compassionate, open, loving, excellent, persistent, optimistic, adventurous, daring, dependable, grateful, FUN!, young, open – minded, strong, wonderful, motivated, confident, thoughtful, considerate, healthy, wealthy, plenty, secure, free, aware, magnetic, blessed, worthy, blissful, graceful, kind, imaginative, inspired, fortunate, extraordinary, triumphant, victorious, awesome, incredible, marvelous, calm, composed, helpful, friendly, fearless, mighty, gifted, impressive, charismatic, dynamic, unlimited, energetic, thrilled, positive, loving, spiritual, charming, stunning, peaceful, centered, loyal, insightful, expressive, empowered, mindful, able, clever, complete, everything I choose to believe about myself!


Here’s a whole playlist that’s fun and they have others.

(paste this link in menu bar)

You can even pick a word you like and TAP IN a whole round.

Do that a few times a day. It will only take a minute or two.

Have fun while doing this!

Until next time … keep TAPPING INTO YOU!

Colette Liose, SB, DCC, TG

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