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(click link above to get registered for FREE)

This ANNUAL Event starts in a few weeks. Monday, February 24 - March 6, 2020, and REGISTRATION is OPEN!

You'll start receiving great info as soon as you register.

This is a FREE 11 Day Event.

Packed with speakers on many subjects and ways to navigate the EFT/Tapping Technique.

Starting 2/24, each day you'll receive access to 2 presentations for FREE for 24 hours. You will have a full 24 hours to listen and learn. Jam packed with info on different subjects.

This is the 12th year for this EVENT and I have listened and/or purchased every year! There is so much value in just listening. Seriously consider purchasing this SUMMIT. It is such a tremendous value!!! So many recordings and bonuses ... the cost ends up being only $3 per recording. You can listen to these recordings over and over to learn and practice, Just by tapping along you can create huge shifts and changes.

(click link above to get registered for FREE)

I sure hope you take advantage of this once a year event! Please feel free to share my link, this email, with others you think may be interested in learning such an amazing and life changing technique.

Please register using this link.

Also, just a reminder I go LIVE from my facebook COLETTE LIOSE page on Tuesday mornings @ 8:30a.m. Eastern time to teach some Law of Attraction and do some TAPPING!!

Please like and share my TAPNGRL - Tapping into You facebook page.

I work with individuals 1-1 and in group.

It's my pleasure and passion changing LIVES for the BEST!

Until next time ... KEEP TAPPING INTO YOU!




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