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Quantum Recovery Summit

Dear Friends,

I am sending you an invitation to attend

The Quantum Recovery Summit:

From Addiction and Trauma Surviving to Purposeful Peaceful Thriving.

The summit begins Monday, April 15, 2019,

and will be hosted by Gail Foss RN,LADC.

I will be a featured Guest (Friday, April 19, 2019).

This summit presents all the best wisdom practices so necessary for healing from trauma and complex substance abuse, as well as, the latest brain science on cell

regeneration and neuroplasticity of the brain.

I am honored to be presenting with this wonderful group of masters!

The summit is free, and in addition each of us are giving you a gift from our hearts for your healing and peace. Please join us!

Reserve your seat now!

So many wonderful experts, including myself, sharing the cutting edge of science and the proven best practices for healing, transformation, authentic emergence and growth, to peace and purpose. I hope you will join us and avail yourself of new information and gifts, from so many experts, for you to keep for your enlightenment and growth.

Until next time,

Keep TAPPING into YOU!



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