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TAPPING & (dispensing) WORRY

We have alllllll been wadded up in worry, right?

Most of us have heard some form of ...

“Worry is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” Abraham Hicks

When you are already fearful, worried and then feeling guilty about feeling worried … GEEZE we can be such a mess! A cycle of beating ourselves up for what we SHOULD NOT (more guilt words) be doing.

What if TAPPING is the perfect tool for dispensing this worry and fear? And it is! WHY? Because with the TAPPING (EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE aka EFT) we get to actually voice our fears and worries while TAPPING. I know this sounds counter intuitive in a world where we are told to think positively. Let me explain. Just because you are not speaking the worry and fear OUT LOUD does not mean you are not FEEEEEELING that. In fact, most of us are thinking these fearful thoughts and not even aware of it. Using the TAPPING technique we give ourselves permission to talk alllll about the worry and fear so we can validate ourselves! Get it out of our system! Suppressing negative emotions only makes them BIGGER! and makes us sick.

So lets, say you are blindsided by info that has set you to worrying. It is as simple as getting by yourself and TAPPING spot to spot while you talk all about it … How it feels? Where you feel the fear in your body? What does it remind you of? What other emotions come up? Powerless? Helpless? Anger? Frustration? Yes, you read that right. TAPPING while venting, ranting all about it, remembering that we are releasing negative emotion and that’s why we name them.

Here is a TAPPING script for you to use as a template.

1st rate how worried, fearful you are on a scale of 1-10.

Got your number? OK!

TAPPING the Karate Chop Point (KC)

Even though, I am feeling all this worry and fear about ________

in my stomach, I love and accept myself anyway. (repeat 3x’s)

TAPPING point to point:

(EB) All this worry and fear in my stomach.

(SE) Oh NO, all this worry and fearful feeling in my stomach.

(UE) All this worry and fear in my stomach.

(UN) I get freaked when my stomach feels like this.

(CH) It feels so out of my control.

(CB) I feel all this worry and fear in my stomach.

(UA) I feel blindsided and powerless.

(ToH) All this worry and fear in my stomach.

TAKE A NICE BIG BREATH – do the above round above 2-3 times.

Speak and TAP slowly. Take your time with it. Talk a few rounds of your specific worry and fear situation, the more specific, the better. Take a few deep breaths and re-rate so you can check your progress. Keep TAPPING until you feel the intensity diminish. Next, let’s add another round that is inputting more positive statements.

Final/Clean up ROUND

(EB) I am glad I took the time to validate how I feel.

(SE) I like feeling more relaxed and calm.

(UE) That’s how I want to feel is relaxed and calm.

(UN) I choooooose to feel relaxed and calm.

(CH) I am feeling more empowered taking care of me emotionally.

(CB) I think better when I am more relaxed.

(UA) I appreciate this time to relax myself.

(ToH) I love and appreciate my self care.

You can do that round a few times too. You may use the script above over and over. This 7-8 minutes, a couple times a day, will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in your ability to feel

in control of how YOU feel.

Until next time … keep TAPPING INTO YOU!

TAPNGRL, Colette Liose, SB, DCC, TPG

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